Three New Year’s Resolutions for Women’s Sports & Gender Equality

Over the years, we have seen a spike in women choosing to participate in male-dominated sports, with many female athletes making history by breaking records set by their male counterparts. Discussions over equal pay for women’s sports teams have been a hot topic, and there’s a constant buzz about whether women are biologically capable of competing against men. Are the stereotypes of femininity holding us back from reaching our true potential? What can we do to change them? Here are three New Year’s resolutions you can aim to achieve as a female athlete in 2021 or as a support of gender equality.

What Can We Do To Help?

1. Support women in male-dominated sports

There’s a lot of progress in visibility of women’s sports with the USA Soccer Team’s successes and athletes like Sarah Fuller, who became the first female kicker in a men’s football team. Unfortunately, a massive wage gap, visible inequality, and a huge discrepancy remain between female athletic teams/coaches and their male counterparts. We need to be vocal about our support of female participation on and off the field. Looking for a quick fix? Watch female sports games to boost the ratings and buy the apparel. That’s the first step in showing your support.

2. Stop gendering on-field aggression

It can be argued that the reaction Serena Williams received for her visible frustration and anger during the 2018 US Open final was unjustified, and fueled by race and gender prejudice. We need to normalize women’s on-field reactions and view them as a natural effect of the heightened focus and strength needed for competition. Don’t judge women for being fierce competitors. 

3. Re-think arguments against women playing alongside men

People often use biology to argue that women are physically incapable of competing against and with men. However, that argument might not be as foolproof as once thought. It’s time to look into all the ways that skill, training, and ability can break gender-based stereotypes about women’s strength and capabilities. We should recognize and promote the courage it takes to cross gender lines in sports not belittle. 

Empowering Women Through Sports

Sports are a way to create positive role models for young women to look up to, as well as boosting leadership qualities and overcoming ideas of gender inequality. Sports also empower women by helping to improve mental health—women who play sports are shown to have higher self-confidence and lower rates of depression. Athletes also learn the skills and qualities that help them succeed in today’s job market, such as teamwork, collaboration, and the value of healthy competition. Studies show that women who play sports go on to find success in other fields by creating a work ethic that helps them secure a space in male-dominated industries.

One of my main focuses is to bring awareness to the many uncharted avenues women can take. If you’d like to know more about the importance of sports for women, check out my blog where  I wrote another article on the subject. Check out my website to transform your life and your impact on the world or get in touch with me if you need advice on how you can tap into your passion and unleash your true potential.

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