I found purpose in my life by guiding others through my experiences and insights so that you have the confidence to pursue your dreams. I may not have all the answers but I will ensure that together we are asking the right questions, the first one to start your journey is… Why not you?


Shifting your mental state from surviving to thriving and embracing your personal growth journey is my goal for you. Be passionate about practicing gratitude, be self-aware and be bold about reframing problems to flip adversity upside down. Before you do anything it is important to understand how growth happens and to be aware of the principles of growth. I spent years developing key points to understand the basic foundation and principles of… WHY NOT YOU?


5 Ways I’ve broken the glass ceiling

  • Being true to myself
  • Using communication as the key to professional and personal growth
  • Understanding that confidence starts with courage and accountability
  • Leveraging emotional Intelligence as my driver
  • Paying it forward

All that matters is where you're going.

Start with these truths and unlock your growth potential.


Why Not You? The 5 Invaluable Tips for Getting Ahead In Your Industry with Deena LaMarque Piquion.

Coming in 2019! "The Why Not You?" online lecture course is a 1-week virtual class to maximize your growth potential. This class is an immersive experience into my blog, 5 Ways I’ve Broken The Glass Ceiling, and explores the foundational principles I’ve learned along the way. The insights that will be discussed is over 90% more material than what is in the blog. While I'll teach you the 5 themes from my blog, I'll also share recent insights and additional wisdom along the way.

Over a seven day period, 4 scheduled recorded lectures (15 mins each), will include a video with me to share the foundations and practical applications for your professional growth and your life.

Enroll now while spots are still available!

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