My name is Deena LaMarque Piquion.

As a successful leader in a Fortune 500 company and an influential public speaker, I’m on a mission to share my experiences, values, and insights with you so that you succeed by design not by chance. We all want a life that matters. My purpose is to create a positive impact on those around me, especially less tenured female professionals. I created this platform to give you the kind of words of encouragement and advice that I wish I had received as I grew in my career. Everyone needs good advice at the right time.


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Motivator. ​

She went from surviving to thriving, a true personal growth journey. She wants to guide people to succeed by design, not by chance.


Deena has great advice on soft skills, emotional intelligence and what you really need to know to excel in your career.                            


She is passionate about practicing gratitude and believes in flipping adversity upside down by reframing the problem or question.

Need advice?​

Though your success may be up to you, the journey to it is not one to be taken alone. My desire is to help you develop the right attitude to succeed, discover your strengths, tap into your passion, and unleash your full potential.


Some of my favorite books

I found purpose in my life to be a guide that knows the way, and can help you go after it.



Samford University - Brock School of Business

“ Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and challenging the intern class. I took away several bits and stories I have been reflecting on about work, family, significant others and those defining moments in my career and life. I loved the charter you put on your team and the success and building/scale that has come with it…
Sincerely, ”

Sueli Cristina Bonaparte

Founding President & Chairwoman Brazil-Florida Business Council, Inc.

"I don't know you personally but I want you to know that I have great admiration for you already! I listened to the speech that you delivered at the Women of Channel Conference that touched my heart because we have so much in common, on a personal and professional basis."

Sergio Mankita

Business Development and Marketing Professional

"Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and insights as I commence my journey in the world of cybersecurity. You had great advice and I'm definitely going to stay in touch."

Ana Lucia Amaral

"Thank you so much for being my e-mentor. I am your big fan"

Victoria Diaz Jorda

Director of Marketing

"I just accepted a Director of Marketing role for Tech Data’s GCC division... Who would have guessed that one WOTC keynote speaker would change my life?"

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