Learning new skills provides a lifetime of enjoyment. Start asking yourself “Why not me?” and answering with new skills to move you further in life.

A Lifetime of Learning Adds to Your Life

You might think that once you graduate from college, your learning days end. In reality, learning never ends. Continued education into adulthood has many benefits. You can add to your abilities, improve your career success and boost your personal empowerment through a lifetime of learning.

A Healthier Mind

Learning helps your mind last longer, literally. Numerous studies have shown that continued learning throughout adulthood reduces a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. As humans are living longer, we need to ensure we are exercising our minds throughout adulthood.

Shared Experiences

Learning in a formal environment like a college, vocational center class or community group provides a shared experience with other learners. You meet new people and begin to develop a network of individuals who share your interests. Shared interests can spark new relationships and connections that turn into lifelong friendships or successful business ventures.

Improved Happiness

People gain improved happiness from continued education. Both recent graduates and retirees found it easier to retain a positive attitude by learning a new skill. Part of this stems from the increased confidence experienced by developing competence in a new area.

Intellectual Development

While you might turn to adult learning to add to your career skills, it offers more benefits in relation to intellectual development. Your continued growth extends to an improved capacity for conceptualizing, reasoning, relating, judging and thinking. That makes you a more valuable, productive professional and human being. Train your brain to keep learning by continually putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. The comfort zone is the enemy of personal development.

Learning and Coaching

A recent study published in “Public Management” revealed that learning new skills alone didn’t increase productivity. Participants who completed skills training by itself increased their productivity by 22.4 percent, but those who combined the training with weekly coaching sessions experienced an 88 percent productivity increase. That’s because the coach brought accountability, expertise and appropriate motivation that sped the process of improvement.

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